We believe DC and AC control power are the most important and critical parts in electrical protection, control, and monitoring Systems. Imagine a DC power loss in a Transformer or Generator protection system in case of a ground fault that occurred in Transformer output terminals; or in the DC control power the positive line connected to the ground. These situations could be fatal disasters in which you have no control system over. In order to have a stable and reliable control system, we need to design, size and maintain properly for auxiliary power its components. The auxiliary DC and AC control power system include the battery, battery charger, UPS, distribution system, switching and protective devices, and any monitoring equipment. 

We Install, Test and Maintain all those.

For Chargers and UPS's, We Perform the Following:

  • Installing, Commissioning and Testing of Chargers and UPS's
  • Testing Charge's Modes In The Chargers
  • Testing Automatic Change Over Switches In the UPS's
  • Troubleshooting Of Chargers and UPS's
  • Detecting the Earth Faults In DC Distribution Systems 

For Batteries, We Perform the Following:

  • Battery Sizing Calculation
  • Installing, Commissioning's Charging  and Discharging
  • Maintaining Includes Electrolyte measuring specific gravity,          Leveling, and Watering, Battery Resistance, Voltage and             Capacity Measuring. 

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